Whithered, prostrated

The world has turned upside down

Snow on the bamboo

Snow on the Bamboo is a strategy game set in the Japanese era of the "Age of the Warring States." Players take the role of a clan leader during a time where any noble can win superiority over the Japanese empire.

The Ming Empire is only interested in nominal tribute provided by the Ashikaga Shogunate, and the vast ocean to the east has no known opportunities, so all activity is focused on the islands themselves. For the first time in a century new men can ascend to leadership of Japan.

Recently nanban have arrived. Men who we call themselves Porutogaru, but they have not provided any reason to believe they are anything other than barbarous. The fools even eat with their fingers! They bring a heretical religion that demands abandoning the gods of the land and the ghosts of our ancestors, but they offer incredible armor and weaponry in exchange for trade. We will see if their future trade envoys are worth dealing with.

We welcome all new players, please go to the "Contact us" page to email in a request for the rules.